Feeder Alert!

Ohio lawn and garden care company Scotts Miracle-Gro has pleaded guilty to breaching federal pesticide laws by using an unapproved insecticide on bird seed sold nationwide for two years. In Columbus, U.S. District Court Judge James Graham accepted the company's guilty plea on Tuesday.

Scotts is proposing to pay a $4 million fine and give $500,000 to help support wildlife conservation and study.

The government alleges that beginning in 2005, Scotts produced a line of wild bird food products under names including "Morning Song" and "Country Pride" that contained insecticides. The government says the insecticides, which are toxic to birds and other wildlife, were not approved for use on bird food.

Los Angeles Audubon recommends that bird lovers in Los Angeles kill their lawn and replace it with native plants that provide food and shelter for birds when possible as an alternative or along with providing bird seed in feeders, when possible. If bird feeders are used, we recommend frequent cleaning and monitoring for disease causing or toxic agents, and if you buy seed make sure you know what you are buying and buy from a reliable source.

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