LA Audubon publishes tree trimming guidelines

In response to persecution of birds and nests by tree trimmers in Los Angeles, LA Audubon Conservation Committee members Linda Navroth and Eleanor Osgood worked with biologists, California Fish & Game officers, LA Audubon members and Board members, and others to create guidelines for tree trimmers in the Los Angeles County area. The guidelines will be printed and distributed to agencies as well as tree trimmers, and LA Audubon hopes that the City of Los Angeles and County of Los Angeles will adopt the guidelines officially. 


Tom said…
Hi Garry and Conserv.Commit.
Great job on Trimming Guidelines

I have mentioned the web page and need for the Board of Public Works Street Services/Lot Clearance groups to remind the City's lot clearing crews and the private owners/clearing crews to remember the birds and nests....same with the LAFD/Brd.Fire Commissioners and their current notices for lot clearing..

Hope it helps...they can include provisions for the 2010 clearing program. They needs to be periodically reminded of Federal, State, and county requirements...TOM